Friday, August 24, 2007

Keyword SEO for AdSense

When the AdSense web crawler scans a website one of the things it will look for are keywords that are logically placed and are within the right locations. Those are the two most important elements: keywords and location. Keywords on the webpage should be conceptually similar to keywords on the website's title, otherwise the AdSense ads might not make sense. The AdSense web crawler actually uses these two elements to determine what type of ads to send to your website. If it can't make that determination you might just get P.S.A (Public Service Ads) ads which will not create any revenue for you. To be certain that your ads will be appropriate make sure you do the following:

  1. Create a clear title that easily captures the reader's attention.
    Example: Make Money with Google AdSense
    Not: There is a way to make money.

  2. The keywords must appear in your first paragraph. This is really important. I am actually going to rewrite all my articles to reflect this.

  3. Don't go off topic on your website if you want to get maximum revenue. This of course doesn't count if you are just blogging about your life or something leisurely like that.

  4. Use the keyword once again, as the last word of your post.

  5. Check the density of the keywords in your post. If it is too low, just re-edit until you get the right level of density. It is optimal to have 7-8% density for your keywords. Too much density will actually decrease your ranking so don't over do it. You can check your keyword density with the keyword density checker.